Built on best-in-class technology and backed by a dedicated team of cloud experts, Noviteq’s hosted and public cloud solutions can help your organization improve performance, manage costs, maintain compliance and enable disaster recovery.

Hosted Private Cloud

Getting to the cloud doesn’t need to be difficult

A hosted private cloud lets you potentially avoid application rewrites as well as time-consuming infrastructure expansion. As part of a comprehensive IT transformation strategy, you can even move workloads between clouds as your needs change.

Move to the cloud without losing control

A hosted private cloud offers physically isolated, dedicated resources for compute, memory, and storage to help meet the most demanding security and compliance needs. Software hypercoverged infrastructure solutions from Nutanix, VMware, and Dell EMC can scale rapidly while simplifying operations.

Maximize Performance

Benefit from leading hyperconverged infrastructure deployed to your specifications.

Reduce Complexity

Simplify deployment and operations with a scalable full-stack solution.

Reduce Complexity

Simplify deployment and operations with a scalable full-stack solution.

Enhance Flexibility

Customize options for compute, storage, and network to meet your needs.


Multitenant Cloud

Quickly & cost-effectively scale your IT infrastructure

Backed by industry-leading SLAs and a team of dedicated cloud experts, our multitenant cloud solutions are ideal for mission-critical, e-commerce, and web-based apps that need predictable performance, high availability, and instant scalability.

Designed for production, DR & backup environments

Multitenant clouds offer secure, enterprise-class solutions on a robust, scalable and fully redundant architecture for your production workloads. Multitenant clouds also provide production-grade “instant capacity” for backup and disaster recovery.

Scale Easily

Plan resources for average utilization – and easily scale at peak times.

Control Costs

Tailor your solution to your business needs and applications.

Maintain Control

Manage and monitor resources through the Noviteq Portal.

Increase Visibility

View and manage resources in one place with the Noviteq cloud portal.

Hybrid Cloud

Create the cloud configuration that’s right for you

These days, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to cloud computing, even within a single organization. A hybrid cloud solution lets you choose the mix of hosted cloud and public cloud options that is right for your workloads.

Choose a hybrid cloud for maximum control and performance

A hybrid cloud deployment allows you to place your workloads on the cloud that aligns best with your budget and optimizes your security, performance, and design requirements. No need to limit yourself to a single cloud platform.

Manage Costs

Create the most cost-effective cloud strategy for your business.

Improve Agility

Deploy applications across multiple clouds or move as needed.

Support Compliance

Choose the cloud that best meets your unique workload requirements.

Safeguard Availability

A variety of business continuity options ensure 24/7 availability.

Managed Azure

Public cloud designed for today’s business environment

Ideal for organizations that want to minimize infrastructure overhead, Azure’s hyper-scalable pay-as-you-go approach and service breadth help facilitate IT transformation. Robust security features built into Azure protect your critical workloads.

Let us manage Azure for you

Leverage the Microsoft Azure cloud platform along with our team of cloud experts, who specialize in design, migration, and management. We’ll work with you to make the transition easy and painless.

Rest Easy

Azure is built on security, privacy, compliance, and transparency.

Scale Instantly

Scalable to thousands of VMs while maintaining production SLAs.

Expand Possibilities

Azure’s full suite of managed services ensures you’ve got your bases covered.

Free Up Internal Resources

Get more from Azure with support for monitoring, security, and patching.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

An AWS solution to meet your business needs

Delivering reliable and secure infrastructure, we enable organizations to accelerate business transformation with AWS. From migration through implementation and into ongoing management, our teams help you embrace and optimize your environments.

The right partner for managing AWS

Deploying and managing AWS can be complex. Architecting the right design for your applications, ensuring the security of the environment and optimizing the deployment requires expertise and the right partner to guide you on your journey.

Expand Your Reach

Global infrastructure allows rapid deployment wherever it’s required.

Mitigate Risk

Robust AWS security services protect your critical workloads.

Build Your Team

Our partners can help with design, migration, maintenance, and support.

Optimize Your Investment

Design best practices help maximize the value of your infrastructure.

Are You Ready?