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DRaaS-Server to Cloud Recovery

Backup Services

Additional Platforms

Business Continuity Workspace

Create a disaster recovery (DR) plan around the right recovery solution for your business. Our customized disaster recovery services (DRaaS) help ensure resiliency for your data, applications, and infrastructure, minimizing the impact of unexpected interruptions.

DRaaS – Cloud-to-Cloud Recovery

Shortest recovery times

Hypervisor-based replication protects your virtualized production environments in any cloud. With recovery times measured in minutes, you have more control over your recovery plan and faster-automated failover to a secondary site.

High-availability cloud-to-cloud recovery service

Our customized cloud-to-cloud recovery solutions powered by Zerto’s IT Resiliency Platform, VMware’s vCloud Availability and Nutanix’s native DR technologies offer a variety of configurations with failover options to a Noviteq private or multitenant cloud. Select from fully managed or self-service recovery and testing solutions.

Replicate from anywhere

Replicate from any cloud to a TierPoint cloud in any region.

Meet RPO requirements

VM-level near-synchronous replication minimizes data loss.

Automate failovers

Recover in minutes with automated failover to a secondary site.

Maintain compliance

Non-disruptive testing and reporting helps satisfy PCI, HIPAA, and more.

Azure Site Recovery (ASR)

A scalable hybrid cloud recovery solution

In the event of an outage, coordinate, and automate the orderly replication and recovery of your environment to Microsoft Azure. Azure Site Recovery brings critical systems back online with speed and ease.

A hosted business continuity and disaster recovery solution

Using Microsoft Azure Site Recovery through Noviteq is a flexible, scalable solution that allows you to build and deploy the optimal site recovery options for your critical assets – all while ensuring maximum protection.

Enable business continuity

You’ll be back in business in minutes, with near-zero data loss.

Manage large datasets

Our solution is built from the ground up to safeguard high-volume data.

Stay in compliance

Support for testing DR procedures to help meet compliance objectives.

Pay as you go

Get rid of unnecessary costs, and only pay for what you use.

DRaaS – Server-to-Cloud Recovery

Protection for physical servers and more types of VMs

Enable business continuity quickly and securely with replication to a secondary location. Protect non-virtualized physical servers on your premises or colocated in a Noviteq facility, as well as multiple types of virtual servers.

Hybrid IT cloud recovery service

Noviteq protects Hyper-V and VMware VMs, as well as physical environments, regardless of underlying hardware. Our flexible and scalable solution allows you to build and deploy the optimal site recovery option for your critical assets.


Replicate from anywhere to any TierPoint multi-tenant cloud.

Reduce operational expenses

Eliminate the cost and complexity of maintaining a secondary site.


Enjoy orderly one-click recovery of applications to an alternate site.


Leverage a fully managed DR solution for expert support and guidance.

Backup Services

BaaS for your best protection from data loss

Protect against data loss and help ensure your data is available when you need it. New backup technologies offer lower data loss and shorter recovery times, and meet security and compliance requirements. Choose the right backup solution for your business.

Backup services for cloud, hybrid IT and on-premises

Best-in-class data protection and management solutions include secure, scalable, and reliable backup services. Your solution will be customized for your environment and data resiliency targets, and integrated and automated with an all-in-one view.

Increase security

Robust security is in every backup solution – from design to audit.

Customize backups

Enjoy shared or dedicated backup services to meet your business needs.

Streamline requirements

Built-in deduplication and compression decrease backup storage needs.

Use Veeam Cloud Connect

Extend Veeam backups to a Noviteq Cloud for offsite storage.

Additional Platforms

High-availability DR for diverse environments

As your partner, we have world-class teams of solution experts providing management and recovery capabilities across nearly all key applications and platforms. Our clients have access to multiple technologies, cloud platforms, and service levels to meet their recovery needs.

Tailored DR from an experienced provider

Our fully managed, flexible DR solutions will protect workloads such as IBM pSeries/iSeries, Oracle and Unix. Our US-based experts can support all your diverse environments from implementation to monitoring and ongoing management.

Customize your plan

Your solution is designed for your IT environment and regulatory needs.

Streamline management

Unburden your IT team from DR infrastructure and process management.

Enable security

Security of access to data is paramount in our DR solutions.

Consolidate providers

A single provider for your end-to-end disaster recovery needs.

Business Continuity Workspace

Enable business continuity with flexible workspace

During a disaster, your employees need a place that can support their space and equipment needs. Our business continuity workspaces come fully equipped with internet, phone service, private offices, and more to help while you get back on your feet.

A key part of a comprehensive business continuity plan

A great business continuity plan includes details about where your employees will work in the event of an unplanned outage. Our facilities offer a myriad of options with high availability so you can minimize losses and get back to business.

Scalable office space

Custom builds and configurations are available to meet your needs.

Flexible configurations

Choose from dedicated or shared workspace options as well as DR suites.

Peace of mind

Benefit from robust, comprehensive physical security at our facilities.

Reliable infrastructure

Facilities are designed with resilient voice, internet and power in mind.

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