Noviteq’s team of engineers and IT experts work closely with major enterprises to cut operational costs, limit downtime and secure your data. Align’s IT Operation services create an outsourced IT powerhouse that manages everything from incident management and remediation to monitoring the security of your data. Noviteq responds to every single ticket through our deep pool of talented US-based engineers and our best of breed toolsets.

Why Use Noviteq

Pro and Re Active

Our team will find and identify problems before they impact systems and infrastructure health and can put remediation plans in place or govern a client owned process for remediation.

Full Transparent IT

We will create a fully transparent and functional IT service dashboard for your business, allowing your team to focus on more important initiatives. All our activities are governed through tight OLA and SLA standards and are fully auditable

Always On

 Our network operations centers are attached to our N+1 colocation facilities and they utilize best in industry tools and systems allowing us to work around the clock with no risk of downtime, ever.

Predictable Pricing

Ensure your environment is being looked after and maintained with simple, easy to understand subscription-based fee structures.  

Back Title

Full support for today’s most robust cloud, physical and hybrid cloud IT technology.

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