Managed IT Security

It is critical to implement any IT security solutions in a strategic manner to ensure your businesses data and infrastructure are secure. It is with this in mind that we research, design, implement, test, provide training and maintain IT security solutions for our customers.

We offer firewalls, UTM Appliances (Unified Threat Management), endpoint protection, server protection, device encryption, anti-ransomware solutions and email security. Contact us to have a consultant define a solution that meets your businesses requirements and objectives.

What Does It Offer

We offer fully Managed IT Security services to mid-sized businesses in Northeast Ohio. Your business’s data is arguably one of your most valuable assets, and lack of security measures and procedures can put your entire business at risk.

As a business owner, it’s important to understand that having a small business does not mean that you are less likely to be target for a cyber attack. Our team is specially trained to evaluate your business network, detect blind spots, and create an actionable plan designed to keep your business as safe as possible from today’s threats.

Employee Education and Training

Sometimes, the biggest threats to your organization only have a way in due to human error. Whether it’s clicking on a link in a phishing email scam to connecting a malware-infected device to the business network, people who are unaware of the latest threats can accidentally cause a lot of problems for a business. This is why we put a heavy emphasis on End User Security Awareness Training and other employee education to help mitigate some of this risk. Being able to recognize and neutralize a threat is often enough to stop a security breach in its tracks.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

A Virtual Chief Information Security Officer, or vCISO, is a service that offers you a dedicated resource to manage the security posture of your business. A vCISO evaluates your business’s current state, helps set goals based on your priorities, and customizes a security plan based on your budget. This service helps identify the most pressing risks your business faces and jump starts a plan to mitigate those risks or meet compliance standards.

Device Management and Monitoring

The world’s best antivirus won’t do any good for an old, outdated machine that hasn’t been receiving security updates for years. Life-cycle Management from a security perspective is ultimately one of the most important aspects of network “health” and is also likely one of the most ignored components. Many people can relate to the feeling of never being able to keep up with the “latest and greatest” in technology, but there is a way to strike a balance that makes sense for your budget while keeping your network as up to date with the latest security patches and updates as possible.

Let Us Help You

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